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Hi there. I am Nasko, a growth practitioner. Having worked with SaaS and eCommerce businesses from 3 continents, I am currently sharing my experiences and frameworks on user acquisition and product-led growth. You could also find short-form lessons learned on recruitment, management and company culture in general. 

A Brief Introduction

I curate thе tools and information relevant to marketers, product managers and organisations aiming to achieve sustainable business growth  in a world defined by emerging technology, complexity and abundance of choices for customers. Here you will find my ideas and relevant frameworks around business strategy, digital marketing & transformation, behavioral psychology and mental models.


Short-form stories. Throughout I share my experiences from working with people from 3 continents and dozens of ethnicities.


Long-form essays and frameworks. Discover models for user research, acquisition, digital transformation and  product-led growth in general.


Work output.  Get to know me through my work and get inspiration for your business.


Free stuff. Resources that will help you get a structured overview on business growth.


An agile experimenter at heart with a great passion to learn” best describes Nasko in the time that I had worked with him. I’ve known Nasko for about a year while working at Piktochart. I was a product manager and Nasko a growth marketer during this period. During this time Nasko had come up with several experiments to improve the conversion rate and few other KPIs. I was very impressed with his ability to back his experiments with data and package them in a small enough size that made the most practical sense. He collaborated with all the relevant departments to get the needed support to run the experiments, prove or disprove the hypothesis, and show the path forward for the rest of the team to invest in. Another important trait I valued in him is his curiosity to understand how other departments like Product, Engineering, UX work, the challenges they faced, and how he could learn from them. He was constantly learning from everyone he came in contact with, bouncing off his ideas, offering assistance where his skills could be put to use. Nasko would be a great asset when marketing and product initiatives require rapid experimentation backed and informed by data with someone who can see things through without dropping the ball. I’d highly recommend Nasko for such situations.

- Deepan Manoharan

Product Manager, Piktochart

Atanas is a very persistent and self-motivated professional. From the very early days of OfficeR&D, he was very motivated to help us grow the business. Atanas prepared a full business plan for the company, helped us with marketing ideas, and reaching out to potential customers in Spain. He’s also very structured, organized, and has great communication skills which helped us build a good business relationship. His learning skills and desire to be always and on the edge of the technology is a great asset to have in today’s world.

- Miroslav Miroslavov

CEO, OfficeRnD

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