Marketing process

The old ways

Technology creates a more complex funnel

This is where growth marketing comes in

Purposes of the growth process

Growth is linear

Growth Marketing is a data-driven team process to experiment a Full Funnel approach on your market, product, model and channel fit.

  • Data: If we have data, let’s go with it. If we don’t, let’s go with my opinion.
  • Team: if we don’t work in a team then nothing is going to happen.
  • Process: growth doesn’t come from one hack, as many like to believe. It comes from little experiments that accumulate over time.
  • Experiment: you don’t know if you don’t try.
  • Market: what segments or customers are we experimenting on?
  • Product: what should we adapt to our product to grow in that segment?
  • Model: how can we get the most revenue out of this segment?
  • Channel: What type of channels should we use to test the 3 models above?

5 step process