How to activateyour website visitors?


Great products have desire built in them

Despite popular belief, a “desire” isn’t the same as a “want” or a “need.”

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers screw this up when tackling the concept of desire as it relates to their products.

Let’s say you’re surfing through Amazon, you notice your really nice pair of sunglasses, and thus, you want a new pair. 

That’s not desire.

Or, let’s say your laptop breaks, you need to replace it.

That’s not desire, either.

So what’s desire?

Take Volvo.

Volvo doesn’t sell cars—they sell the desire for safety to drivers who want peace of mind for themselves and their families on the road.

Think about Typeform.

Typeform doesn’t just sell forms—they sell the desire to be desired through a memorable brand appearance and exceptional communication. 

Think about Apple’s MacBook Pro

Apple doesn’t just sell a computer—they sell the desire for power and speed for computer users who value great experience while they work.

Desire requires emotional investment

Desire tugs at the heartstrings and touches on our fears and insecurities.

Think of the desires…

  • to make more money, to get rich
  • to lose weight, to get fit
  • for eternal beauty, to look young again
  • for more time, to do what you love.

Create emotional impact

Creating experiences for users that spark strong positive emotions along the whole buying journey is by far one of the most important things in product-led growth.

People visiting your website are problem aware and are looking for a possible solution fast. They’ve already decided to invest with a click and a quick glimpse of what you have to offer.

Can you remember the countless boring websites you visited?

How about the number of impersonal chatbot interactions you had trying to find a solution? 

I bet, not. 

That’s because those experiences didn’t give you what you were looking for.

In other words, what’s the average session duration and bounce rate of your website?

So, how about standing out from the crowd? Why not drive engagement by replacing boring contact forms/bot widgets with a friendly face?

Drive action

By the time a user opens up your video message they’ve already committed to at least 2 interactions with your brand. In other words you’ve. 

From here onwards the opportunities. 

Qualify leads quicker: find the right people faster and weed out traffic that is not qualified to move to the next stage in the buying journey.

Makes asynchronous interactions with your audience easy & engaging.