Why knowing SQL would make you a
marketing superstar
in this data-driven world?

Data, data, data. We generate 2.5 exabytes of it every day. Every day now, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

Also, today we have access to information with speed that we could not have dreamed about 20 years ago. Naturally, data analysis is and will be vital in making strategic decisions. Who are our most valuable customers? What is our customer lifetime value? What are they worth over their lifetime? What ROI do we have per channel? Where are we losing money? What country are my best-paying customers from? When do they visit my website?

The accurate answers to these questions and their timely delivery are “a must” for every customer-centric company. How would a marketer create such as a report and what time would it take him/her?

Non-tech savvy marketer’s approach:

Inquire and follow-up with patience.

Hopefully, in a matter of a week or two, the lucky marketer would have the information necessary for analysis and research.

Slow and painful for everyone, isn’t it?

The follow-ups may go for weeks, even months. The lack of easy access to information was and still is a problem within organizations.

If marketers today do not have basic coding skills, they have to knock on the door of IT.

21st-century marketer’s approach:

Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Facebook analytics provide great insights. Yet, there is one problem. It is easy to lose focus and time if you have to track 5-6 tools in order to build your report.

Tech-savvy marketer’s approach:

With basic SQL skills and access to a properly structured database, marketers can gather almost any information they need in a matter of minutes.

  1. Who are our most loyal customers and where are they from?
  2. Use SQL to communicate with your database
  3. Voila, in 30 seconds you have your report

In a matter two-three months, you could learn how to use SQL to create personalized reports, perform cohort analysis, data modeling and much, much more.


  • SQL Bolt – this is a website explaining the basic concepts with a built-in platform to test your querying skills
  • w3 Schools – more in-depth explanation of the reasoning behind SQL and built-in database to play with
  • SQL for marketers – SQL application for marketers
  • SQL exercises
  • Learn SQL – Alan Beaulieu’s book is the ultimate step-by-step guide for learning SQL.