Sell a service with outreach


Sell a service with outreach

Most sales people and business owners probably haven’t heard of a man named Eugene Schwartz – or the 5 Levels of Customer Awareness he lays out.


They go like this:

  1. Unaware – Prospect doesn’t know they have a problem
  1. Problem Aware – Prospect knows there’s a problem… But is there a solution?
  1. Solution Aware – Prospect knows a solution is out there
  1. Product Aware – Prospect finds YOU – Is YOUR solution right for them?
  1. Aware – Prospect is ready to buy

Most sales conversations start at LEVEL 4… which, logically, is where most sales training picks up too.

The outreach problem: Lead Generation conversations start at Levels 1-3.

See the mismatch? 

The conversations that take a prospective customer from “Problem? What problem?” (Level 1) to a sales call (Level 4) are completely different.

This is why most outbound campaigns under-deliver… or flat out fail.

And I’ve yet to see an email template that helps sales people understand that gap and bridge it. 

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