The ultimate PPC
(Search and Facebook)
optimisation framework

The ultimate PPC (Search and Facebook) optimisation framework

The following 4-page document represents an example funnel layout of campaigns, as well as step-by-step guide for optimizing on different levels in Search and Facebook PPC. In the AdWords part, you will also find 💥scripts for AdWords💥, that when implemented right will make bid adjustments more or less automated for you 😌.

The aim of the document is to deliver its readers with an easy to use framework for optimisation of key marketing metrics leading to ↑ROI↑ through PPC, once they’ve done keyword and audience research. The tactics and frameworks in the document do NOT  guarantee results or provide a “set it and leave it” magical formula, as optimisation is a never ending process 😉.

Please feel free to comment and suggest changes 😜

In case you’re not familiar with setting up AdWords scripts, I recommend going through this document

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Now, for the ones who’ve decided to read on:

 👉Facebook PPC 

Credits: This layout was based on one developed by Depesh Mandalia for eCommerce FB ads. 

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1. Test 

Test audiences before putting serious money behind them to identify profitable audiences with low spend. 

  1. Split audience into different ad sets at 5-10 euros per day.
  2. for 3-5 days/5000 impressions per ad set to get performance per interest/LAL/custom audience.
  3. Use a roster of creatives and track VV-10 secs+, clicks, CTR. If we get results above campaign or account average then this audience shows potential to perform well in conversion objective. 
  4. Graduate winning ad sets into optimization with conversion objective Update failed/graduated ad sets names and get back to them later to push different creatives 
  5. CTR 1% (or higher than account/campaign average) – if we get such a CTR from PPE or WV, it is probably gonna perform well in WC, CPC (link), Cost per landing page view
  6. 2 copies of graduated ad sets in the WC campaign to see which one works.


2. Optimise

  • Ad set level 
    1. Evaluate room for optimization using audience insights. 
      • Auction overlap below 30-40% to ensure ad sets are not competing with each other 
      • Hight first impression reach means you are reaching new people, which will decline over time. 
      • Keep an eye on accumulative reach, if it’s not increasing it means performance will be impacted negatively as you are reaching the same audience over and over. Try an optimisation to reach new people within the segment. 
      • At audience reached ratio above 80%  and frequency above 9, it’s time to refresh creatives within the ad set
    2. Metrics: 
      • KPIs: CPM, CPC, CTR, conversion rates, CPA, hour of day, action (carousel), view-through (for video).
    3. Optimisation:
      • Audience: age, gender, interests, behaviors, device, internet connection 
      • Placement – messenger, feed, instagram, instant articles, right column.
      • Delivery: method, time, type, conversion window.


  • Ad level – ad sniper

Find ad sets that need the most attention based on Spent, CPA and CTR. Drill down and sniper out ads:

  1. 3 days or 5000 impressions for validation – generally, overall performer of how things are going
  2. Recommended break down – daily basis 
  3. Metrics: CTR (links),  CPC(link), CPM, Link clicks, Relevance Score, Frequency, CPA 
    1. if CTR is up and CPC is static we have more clicks at the same price. That would lead to lower CPA.
  4. If the performance of an ad goes down – check for negative comments, hide such


3. Scaling

  • ↖CTR and ↖Conversions, ↡CPA
  1. Conservative vertical: +15-25% gradual increase/day per adset. (best practice)
  2. Aggressive horizontal: duplicating ad sets and increasing budget.
    1. Negative impact on learning on ad set level as Facebook restarts delivery.

👉AdWords PPC 

  1. Test Significance 
  • +100 clicks/variation 
  • 13 days

  1. Optimizing 
  • Ad group level 
  1. KPIs: CPM, CPC, CTR, CPA, hour of day.
  2. 💥Bid Adjustments: 💥Real time Position Bidding, 💥Device 
  3. Search term report for expanding keyword list

  • Ad level
  1. KPIs: Quality score, CPC, CTR, conv.rate, CPA
  2. 💥Quick Ad creation  + ad test matrix 
  3. Landing page experience – ad CTA & LP message match, CTA, forms, navigation, footer
  1. Scaling? 
  1. ↖CTR and ↖Conversions, ↡CPA
  2. Search Lost Impression share for past week  >5%
  3. Accelerated delivery +  💥24 hour bidding